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Hibiscus - bugs

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What are these guys and what can I spray it with?
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gatormac2112 said:
Talstar P

Although some would say not to do that as it kills bees, you could knock them off regularly with water.
Liquid bifenthrin isn't so bad. I have the granules. Maybe I could liquify a little ...
stotea said:

Last year my hibiscus had a couple different bugs that I couldn't ever identify. I tried neem oil, but all it did was almost kill the neighboring salvia.

So, if those aren't aphids, all I can say is good luck!
The aphids I know and love are green, but I'm sure they come in many flavors. I also ordered some praying mantis egg sacks from amazon :)
These got a taste of Suspend Polyzone. No Survivors. RIP.
Ecks from Tex said:
I try not to spray the actual flowers because it will kill the bees.

I spray Bifin on the ground and woody parts of the plant. Then I spray a pure neem oil mix (not neem extract you buy at stores) on the foliage and flowers
Yeah I avoided the flowers and most aren't open. I lost my neem oil extract when I moved, but need more.
Yeah thats the stuff I had - it was cold pressed or something. I'll have to order some more. I DID however order praying mantis egg sacks though :)
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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