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Help with unwanted grass type. (grass type solved thank you)

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Hi everybody, this is my first actual post besides an intro I did. My name is Rob and I have a question regarding this unwanted grass type I have in my lawn.

As you can see, from far back, the lawn presents itself half decent, I think anyways considering this is the first year I have actually tried to do my research and work on the lawn. The majority of this lawn was planted long before I bought the house in 2011. It's not as dark green as I had it previously in the year, but we have had very little rain (I live on Vancouver Island) in the past 2 months, basically nothing. I do however water twice per week, and the remaining turf has done quite well.

When you get a little bit closer to the house, the lawn takes on a brown cast. The lawn appears to have gone leggy in sections, and from a little research, my best guess is I have Bermuda grass growing in my lawn? At least from what I saw in a LCN video, it appears to look like Bermuda. Will other types of grass do this?

I have been seeding bare spots with a mainly perennial rye mix throughout the spring, and achieved a result I was fairly content with. Going forward, trying to eliminate these unwanted areas (which I have in the front, and even worse in the back) what would be my best course of action?

I have read about Bermuda grass selective herbicides, though have not found one sold in Canada. I was thinking about waiting until fall (for any action really) raking out these sections as best I can, over seeding, and hopefully choking out the unwanted turf. Any thoughts on this?

The back is particularly bad, the grass has even begun to grow horizontal in spots. I can actually cut the lawn, and then pull up bent blades, or blades that have grown horizontally and woven themselves into the surrounding lawn, that are 7-8" tall! Pretty awful.

I have included some pics of my lawn and how she currently sits, and a few pics of how she looked in the spring.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back and getting to know you all.

Lawn03 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr

Lawn02 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr

Lawn04 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr

Lawn09 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr

Lawn08 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr

Lawn12 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr

Lawn10 by Rob Baxter, on Flickr
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Looks like it could be Bentgrass to me. But see what others think before attacking it. I had a bad bentgrass invasion that snuck up on me. Tenacity is a product to selectively kill it. Check out this Penn State study on the best way to use it against Bentgrass.

PSU Bentgrass Study

Results are that the best way to attack it is 4 applications spaced 2 weeks a part at the 4 oz per acre rate. It may take multiple years of this to control it. Mine was bad enough that it contributed to my decision to do a full renovation. I started the tenacity program on it with decent results but it would definitely have taken multiple years.
I agree on bentgrass or nimblewill, but probably bent. Both can be removed with tenacity.
I know that bent grass is grown in the northwest. I would lean there too. I think you could get tenacity in Canada.
Wow I didn't expect so many replies so fast! Thanks guys, ill do some digging into bentgrass and tenacity, i see alot of lawns like this in my neihgborhood. I believe bentgrass is used alot around here for putting greens, maybe someone thought my town would look good as one big putting green lol.

If theres any more suggestions I would love to hear them!
Looks exactly like my lawn, asked on here the other day and its bentgrass. I ripped a ton out by hand and raking. Comes out easily. I also did order Tenacity. Best price I found was on DoMyOwn for $58 after a $5 coupon code and free shipping/no tax.
Looks like tenacity is not available to me here in Canada, nor can I find somewhere that will ship it to me. Maybe I should start another thread now that this problem for me has been identified and I have learned more about the processes I need in order to take care of this.
You could kill everything and start over...
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