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Help, with newer-ish sod

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So we just had our home built and the sod was laid in January. It was a horrible job to say the least, the builder sub-contracted it out to the lowest bidder.

Well I was able to pull it from a brown mess to a lush emerald green carpet. All it took was a ton of water and some starter fertilizer 18-24-6.

Now about 60% of my yard is floratam the rest is Bahia. The Bahia isnt under irrigation so it isn't really an issue as I know when the rains come it will green back up.

The floratam is causing me problems. So I treated the yard with an anitfungal granule treatment as well as some weed and feed 29-0-10.

The antifingal was about a month or more ago because of what I thought was dollar spot, well it really didn't do much so about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago I reapplied the weed and feed. Still no improvement. Not sure what direction to take it in, I don't want to pay someone to do my yard as I'd rather do it on my own.

Also I water each zone for 30 mins twice a week and I've applied a "all in one pesticide" about 3 months ago. Here are some pictures of what it's doing. It's all turning yellow, almost straw like and thinning all over the yard.

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Yes because it's getting worse. I'm getting close to calling the pros. :(
Neighbors beside me is a little greener but thicker. The neighbor on the other side who uses a professional service is emerald green and super thick.

My grass is turning straw like and thinning something aweful. I'm at a loss, I've done everything I can think to get it back to it's former glory.

This week is the first week of cold weather so I know it hasn't gone dormant yet.
Yeah, I treated for fungus with a kind of treat all liquid fungicide, then used granular for common pest. I spoke with the neighbors with the emerald green yard and all I got was "we use so and so". I called "so and so" lawn company and they are coming out tomorrow.

Nothing I do seems to help. I will get some better pictures in the morning of the bad spots and post them. Hoping the company can give me a good enough rate something comparable to what it cost me to keep the yard up monthly.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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