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help with lawn renovation

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When I moved in this house the home builder just put in some tall fescue mix with Rye sod, over the last 6 years I only fertilized 2 or 3 times a year with ammonia nitrate, or whatever cheap fertilizer I can find high in nitrogen. Now that I got the backyard and everything done like I wanted I started to pay attention to the front yard, I decided to go with Milorganite and go organic, but the lawn just never looked good. So I did a soil test, the results came back that I was extremely high in magnesium, sodium, off the chart... The PH at 5.26 the NPK very low.. My soil is probably about 85% clay, So I use glyphosate and killed off the lawn, I'm planning on putting at least 2 inches of humas in, I'm going to rototill it in, along with some calctic lime.. I'm planning on going at least 6 inches deep. My questions are, will the humas bring up the pH ?? is 2 inches too much ?? how can I get rid of all the sodium I'm sure it was from the fertilizer ??? Thank you in advance..
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g-man said:
I would advice against rototill. It never settles correctly and you get a bumpy mess.
Plus it is way more work.

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