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I was curious what some with unlimited lawn knowledge on here think of this maintenance calendar I received from my local gardening shop.

I am very new too this,...and have already received alot of helpful info from this forum.

I would be the top column of this calendar,...would 5 doses of per-emergent be excessive in a years time?
Trying to make sense of the calendar.

I am in Bakersfield, CA (few hours north of Las Angeles)..
Just did a late overseeding of Tall Fescue. I want to make sure I am on top of getting good results, but very new to lawn care.
I dethatched, aerated, seeded, fertilizer down, and then 22 CU FT of topper soil, with 8 CU Ft of peat moss over somewhere around 1000 square feet of lawn.

Thanks for any tips,....

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That looks pretty good. It seems to be adjusted to your local weather. The amount of PreM would be ok as long as it keeps it below the yearly max. It seems like they are trying to always have some coverage thru the year. They should list the rates they recommend for each application.
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