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Help w/ First Reel Mower

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Hi everyone,

I found this forum watching Connor Ward's Youtube channel. My dad has always loved taking care of his lawn so I started showing him some of Connor's videos and now he would like to get a reel mower. I found one near me and am hoping to get some advice from the experts here. I already started reading all of the resources available here (a little overwhelmed), but we will get the hang of it. Here is the cl link If I can find out enough info and feel good about it, I will pick it up next week. Thanks!
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If you dont have a bunch of landscape edging the greens mower is the way to go. I have a tru cut and a Toro.

Both have advantages. The tru cut is a nice machine, height is quickly adjustable, the clutch setup is nice, being able to turn the reel off at the operator controls is nice, like the ability to edge closely, needs about 20# over the nose.

The Toro is also a great mower. I wish it could edge closer to hard objects. Sometimes mowing along my neighbors lawn lifts the roller due to .5" vs 3" tall bermuda. I like the lapping ease on the Toro better, groomer is a plus. Adjustment is superior for HOC and bedknife fo reel. I like about 10# on the nose of a Toro.
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