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Help me with my lawn, please :)

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Long time listener, first time caller.
I'm 45 miles west of St. Louis missouri. I have a tall fescue/kbg front yard that I care about(I'll worry about the backyard slowly). Last year I made a ton of progress using milorginitie and some general pre-m. I want to maximize my use of time and money this year. I did a soil test that recommended micro nutrients. The rest was pretty good. I have a problem with crabgrass since my neighbors yard is 100% weeds. My question is about timing. Can I put down micronutrients at the same time I put down pre-m? Also, can I put down extra pre-m? Or should I just apply it every month or so?
As a side note, my dogs urine burns the grass and leaves a perfect lawn looking sporty, what can I do to combat this? Is there a product that works?

Here is a picture of my lawn, if that helps. I've got some scorching problems on the edges it seems.

Thank you all in advance, be brutal if you need to be.

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I'm in the stl region as well. Probably not too far from ya. I put down my pre m this past tuesday since we were expecting rain. Don't put down pre m monthly. Get some ortho weed b gone + crabgrass and some ortho cco for post emergent control. Welcome to the forum and the your front yard looks nice
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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