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Help me choose a soil sample test lab

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The popular names I see bounced around a lot are:

Logan Labs- doesn't provide recommendations. Doesnt seem to visually "low, optimal, high, etc.
A&L Great Lakes- ?? Charts dont show "Optimal".
Waypoint Analytics- Don't do samples from Kansas? Only have a few states listed on their site. Reports look flashy.

I did read the great G-Man thread comparing the 3...

I tried the K-State Extension test last year. Not sure I liked it.
The results took a long time and they kinda fiddle-farted around with the whole process.

Someone just tell me what to use :lol:
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g-man said:
Waypoint will do samples from Kansas. You just ship it to their site. Pick from their sites which one does the test you want. USPS small box and fill out their form.

I dont fully trust the "optimal" in any chart. For sure you want to be above deficient, but optimal is subjective.
Derp. I totally misunderstood.
The states listed are the ones that do specific tests.
Not they only accept samples from that state.

The customer service lady is going to be confused when she sees my email in the morning :lol:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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