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I'm curious if anyone has tried these products as it appears GreenSpec Ferts may be available in my town. I find out Tuesday.

Grigg Brothers GreenSpec TM Granular Fertilizers

16-4-8 Turf Rally Micro Grade (organic + synthetic)

10-2-4 100% Organic Micro Grade

7-0-14 ZeroPhos + 7% Fe Micro (organic + synthetic)

Only the Organic Micro Grade is full organic, the other two include *some* coated UREA to boost the N content.

I have no idea what the cost is, but if it's anywhere near reasonable compared to the other stuff I've found, I might just consider trying it. All the above Ferts include 3.2% Humic Acid and Kelp, plus an assortment of micros. Considering my lawn has been neglected for at least 25 years, I figure I might not hurt to add a few things to spruce it back up.

An all-in-one product would be nice!


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