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Grow potential

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I've been tracking the grow potential for my area. It looks like we are turning into summer survival mode.

Grow potential calculates the difference from the ideal grow temperature (68F for cool season). As the mean temp rises, the potential for grow reduces. This means that the nitrogen should also be reduced. I've been using the grow % to determine the amount of nitrogen to apply. I'm using fast acting nitrogen (AS) in weekly doses of around 0.2lb N/M. This allows me to adjust to the forecast. This week I will do 0.1 (50%).

Im experimenting with this and I like the response I'm getting. I posted my tracking log that uses weather underground data, if anyone wants to experiment too.

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I'm using granular and irrigation to water it in.
As granular weekly. Pgr based on gdd. Sop and P monthly.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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