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Ware said:
I agree with these guys. The only thing I would add is maybe don't arbitrarily lock yourself into the 0.87". I may have missed what your scalp height was, but I wouldn't rule out attempting to maintain somewhere in the 5/8-3/4 range. You may like how it looks, and you can always raise the height later if you need to. As you now know, it's much more difficult to lower the HOC than raise it. Just something to consider. :thumbup:

I'd like to add that you shouldn't be "married" to a certain HOC as it will only cause frustration now and later down the road. Since you are new to the whole world of reel cutting just do what looks best for the lawn now and then reevaluate in the off season.

You are very lucky to be that close to Peachtree Mowers :thumbup:
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