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Glyphosate on hardscape- concerns

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Let's say you have a hardscape where you need to use glyphosate, and it's at the top of a slope.

If you spray, then the next time it rains, what's the chance of the glyphosate washing down into the lawn below with the rain, and causing damage to the grass?
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Gly is a strong chelating agent. It was originally "discovered" for that purpose and then somebody noticed it killed plants too. Even soil dust on plant leaves fixates with gly and reduces its effectiveness. Gly, properly applied, has no soil activity. It will only affect the plants it is sprayed on. It is just about the perfect systemic for weed control on hardscapes and in landscape beds.

One big caution is they sell "long acting" or "Max" or "365" gly which includes imazapic or imazapyr. Both are active in soil, will wash off the hardscape and will likely adversely affect nearby plants and even nearby trees up to 2x the canopy dripline. Don't get that kind.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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