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Getting quotes for my lot

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I have the blessing from the wife to get irrigation installed :banana: , and have contacted one installer thus far who came out on Monday to look at the lot and come back with a quote. I'll preface this with saying that I did read some of the Irrigation Tutorials, and I think I got halfway through and then got sidetracked.

I told him I wanted to evaluate using MP Rotators as well as the Hunter PGP heads. He said that my run time is going to be much longer using the MP Rotators vs. using Rotors, and wanted to know what I had against using rotors. I told him that I liked the coverage that those gave, and of course, I was thinking about the tests that Hunter did with the MP's after torture testing them(which was pretty impressive). Of course, I don't plan on dumping shovel fulls of sand in my supply lines :D He countered with the fact that it would take 99 minutes of run time(exaggerated) compared to 20 minutes for a zone that would be covered by rotors, as well as the increased cost with more heads. Frankly, I don't care about run time, I just care about the amount of water being put down. Also, I'm planning on extending the flower bed in front of the house to around the South side of the house, and tying in my drip irrigation that I already have in place.

At this time, I don't plan on irrigating the back yard, but would like to have the option to do so in the future, so maybe adding a supply line to the back, and capping it off where I can expand in the future. Right now, the dogs run around there, and I'd have a hard time getting grass to grow where they're making it a dirt track. He's a respected installer(verified by my manager friend at Site One), and has been in business locally for 15 years. The quote I received didn't have any details as far as head placement, valve boxes placement, supply tap, shutoff placement, clock type, etc. to which I replied that I'm going to need more detail to properly evaluate his quote (meaning run it by you guys).

FWIW, my front yard is 4,668 sq ft, the back yard is 6,530 sqft.

Install irrigation system as discussed on 3/19
- System will include shut off valve, back flow prevention and timer to be located either
on side of garage or back garden shed.
- Front yard only, irrigated with HUNTER MP ROTATOR style heads
total price to include all materials and labor = $ 2,960.00
- Front yard only, irrigated with mixture HUNTER PGP/ MP ROTATOR style heads
total price to include all materials and labor = $ 2,580.00
- Back yard only, irrigated with HUNTER MP ROTATOR style heads
total price to include all materials and labor = $ 1,940.00
- Oasis Irrigation is not responsible for any damage to wiring/pipes/conduits for all
utilities, satellite tv, computers and building additions after a utility located has been
So, can the hivemind provide me some guidance on what to ask this guy, as well as what kinds of things I should look for, and other guidance?
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I think you're on the right path. Get the deets (# of zones, map with your property and those zones, etc). Did he do a flow/pressure test to assess the GPM and how many heads each zone can support? He should if he didn't.
Hah. Buh-bye. Guess he doesn't want your $.

Find someone who knows what they're doing and is willing to provide you with the info you want. Don't waste your time on this joker.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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