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Fungus - Concern or Not?

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Hi Friends,

A little background...

I have a 6 week old 500 SF KBG mix Sod lawn in the back
I have been irrigating 1/2" Mon/Wed/Fri mornings since week 4 as per LCN new sod recommendations (days off when mother nature decides to help)
Mowing 3 1/2"- 4 1/4" depending on heat.
Spoon feeding Milo 0.2lb/1000 rate weekly mostly just because.(Also wouldn't mind an opinion on this practice)
Weather has been mid 90's with humidity feeling like 100's since last Friday (maxed out at 118 Sunday evening)and wont cool down til this coming Friday

I mowed at max height last week to keep things cool for the weekend, and again today (1/3 rule)

Lawn looks pretty good over all, but I have found some sparse fungal issues and a small spot that is a little discoloured.

Mostly I'm just wondering if I am worrying over nothing or whether this could spread and destroy my new lawn.

Im pretty sure in my limited knowledge that those blades are displaying leaf spot, with the eventual unwanted outcome being melting out? Those samples were selected randomly throughout the yard

Im up un Canada and it will be a while before anything I order will get here.

Again, am I freaking out over nothing? Will the lawn deal with this on its own or does it need fungicide?

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That's basically what my lawn looks like as well after several days of very hot, humid, and rainy weather. I've been debating whether I should use a fungicide or not, but I think I'm going to hold off. Seems like it gets to this point every year at one time or another, and it always makes a full recovery.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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