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Fungicide Dosing Question For Today

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Hey everyone,

I sprayed my whole lawn with PatchPro (Propiconzale) at 2oz/1gal on July 23rd looking to beat some BP and a little of Dollar Spot. I then made a small bath of PatchPro of the same concentrate and sprayed a few selected diseased areas yesterday (about 9 days later) and let them dry. We got a ton of rain last week so it definitely had weakened my first fungicide app. I wanted to spray a quarter of the amount of Immunox (Myclobutanil) today. The label calls for 84oz/gal of water and I would only use 32oz total on the whole lawn. I would be careful to skim over the areas that I sprayed yesterday but are there any issues with that? I know some licensed guys will mix two fungicides together in the same spray and tackle bigger problems. I would be applying them on different days and according to label instructions. My real concern and reason for the post is if the two would cross paths where I sprayed yesterday and then later today with the Immunox would that be a problem or just a better fungicide all together?

Thank. :thumbup:

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When I applied my tttf fungicide rotation of heritage, clearys 3336/or eagle and daconil, I never had any brown patch. Heritage lasts 28 days and the other 2 for 14 days.

I would apply heritage in May, then 28 days later clearys or eagle, then 14 days later daconil, then 14 days later heritage again. I continued this rotation until end of summer.
I went to all foliar apps, my lawn was only 4000 sqft and had a 4 gallon backpack sprayer. I think I read something years ago that foliar apps for brown patch were more effective than granular. Yes daconil leaves a white residue, usually gone in a week.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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