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Following LCN's COOL SEASON lawn plan........

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As a Canadian, Milo and Ringer are not available to us.

I have settled on a locally produced Organic Fert product called Turkey Trot 6-4-6, which should make a good substitue for Milo.

But LCN also recommends a starter fertilzer in the Spring and Fall plus a full application of Milo, which makes sense, but..... here I go *thinking* again. They wouldn't let me do that at work!

14lbs of TT 6-4-6 should give me 0.94lb of Nitrogen and 0,48lb of Phosphorus per 1000 square feet. To my way of thinking, this should be adequate, but the LCN is suggesting synthetic starter fert in the early spring or late fall. Should I be adding this when I'm using Turkey Trot for the "Synthetic shock & awe" addition, or is slow and steady just as good?
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GoPre said:
He has a knack for educating.
And for inspiring.
@GoPre I say that to myself almost every time I mow. I even sometimes strut a little.
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