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fogger for residential use?

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I have about 5 acres and probably close to 2 of it is lawn. The yard is absolutely unuseable after dark unless we are soaked with spray. Im looking at a 2 year old Tomahawk backpack unit that is in brand new condition for the mosquito control and want any input I can get.
First of all is it a reasonable assumption that this will help me keep the population down during the summer months if used regularly? also, Im not sure what chemicals I would be using in Central New York as I am not a licensed professional and not sure what if any OTC chemicals will work.
I dont want to buy this unit if its going to be a waste of my time.
Any input and advice will be greatly appreciated!
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I use a Sthil SR 450 backpack fogger. I use to use Bifenthrin and now use Proflex (Lambda-cyhalothrin with a IGR). I fogged the Bifen once a month, I now fog with the Proflex every other month.

Fog all shrubs, trees as high as you can reach, and the lawn at least 50 feet around you house (or all 5 acres if your inclined). Avoid flowering plants since you will kill pollinators.

Many areas require you to only be licensed to apply chemicals commercially (you are paid). Go to and they will show which states restrict the use of a pesticide when you select that pesticide to view.

Happy hunting.
I use a 2 pronged approach. I use a Mosquito Magnet which runs on propane and a chemical lure. It is rated to clear an acre. I have 1/2 acre and use 2 of them. The annoying part is you have to change the propane cylinder about once a month. I have it hooked up to my underground propane tank and avoid that issue. That is about 95% effective.

I also spray using either the same stuff as @GCoco (I use Demand CS, same chemical), or sometimes just Bifen (since I have a large jug of it).

Between the two of those things I am pretty much mosquito free. For spraying I use a Mosquito Sniper System. Cheap and effective for me. Poor mans fogger.
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