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I will start with showing what I did this year as i didn't have enough time to get to the backyard. Plus who doesn't love before and after photos?

This was taken on May 4th. I got lazy and didn't remove all the dead grass.

This one was taken September 30th. Not too shabby for 5 months. (For those that asked why I don't mow that strip between driveways, I will be next year. I also looked today, and while thin, the bermuda has spread to the driveway in most of that area!!)

Now onto the backyard. I get full sun coverage from 10 am all the way until dark. It gets very hot in the back there and destroys all cool season grasses come July. I bought the house new and the backyard was terrible. The soil is not ideal and has tons of what I call "shale". It breaks apart easy by hand but is not ideal. Thankfully it is limited to one area of my yard that was not built up and my shed covers a good portion of it. On to the pictures.

Here is a shot of drain line I buried that my downspouts go into and that is carried to a swale that runs across back of the yard. The drain line follows the path of a swale my builder attempted to make when grading the yard that no longer serves it's purpose due to ground settling and work he did to fix my neighbors backyard that flooded. The area to the right of the shovel has some bermuda from left over seed that I tossed down to see what happened. Surprisingly it took and with some moisture manager it mad it through the summer. I was cutting it low until I started working on the back yard and have some rocks in play.

Here is the reverse shot of the previous photo with some grass and a dead Lena Scotch Broom. I cut the tap root when transplanting, oops. I added some topsoil to help smooth transitions since the swale is no longer in play and have some rye and fescue to prevent erosion over winter.

Here is one direction of my back. I am putting in a tiered vegetable garden on the hill behind the shed with a compost area. I will have a small wall that runs the entire length of the backyard at the bottom of the hill for aesthetics. The swale starts behind the shed and is that area between the shed and the mulch. This portion does not have much of a valley and flooded all the time until the builder fixed the neighbors yard. I want to think he just planned on using that one swale that I am removing for both houses.

Here is the other direction. I took out a $100 ******* pool that lasted 3 seasons and have some seed coming up now where that was located. You will also notice everyone's favorite backyard accessory. I unfortunately cannot get rid of it as my kids play on it all the time. I plan on digging out an area near where my fence section is being removed and the yellow inflatable is and locating the trampoline there. This will make it somewhat safer as it is lower to the ground and I wont have to move it. Another ******* pool may come back next year and will go somewhere in the area the trampoline is at now.

This is a close up of the swale at its greatest height. I am currently trying to think of a way to transition to that area. I more than likely will have a segment of a retaining wall and maybe put some rocks in there to make a dried creek bed look. I wanted that for the whole area and keep both swales until I started pricing retaining walls and quickly approached acreage + triplex territory in terms of cost.

Now onto the good part! I will be seeding with Princess 77. I am trying to work on the edging to make mowing as easy as possible. I need to re-do the one area to increase the radius of the corners. I thankfully left enough edging to accomplish that. I will be using my McLane but want to make it so a greens mower can be easily maneuvered. I also need to bring in more soil to raise some areas. I plan to do that in early march to give it time to settle and so it isn't so cold.

I am looking for tips, ideas, and suggestions. So if you were to tackle this what would you do?
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Fistertondeluxe said:
Here is a shot of the winter kill recovery going on now in the front yard. I plan on plugging some more this afternoon.
Love the stolon cool.
So over the course of the week and mainly today I have plugged right at 200. I used about 6 total bags of sand to bring the ground up to the same level as the concrete.
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Here are some top down pics of the yard so far. For the most part everything is coming along nicely. I do have tons of crab and goose grass. Just patiently wait on day 35 to hit it with MSMA. Also a bonus pic of one of the plugs. Great root development where the grass greener up in the front

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@Fistertondeluxe What are you using to do the plugging? The plugs look a little bigger than the standard proplugger.
Fistertondeluxe said:
@Colonel K0rn was your areas of winter kill in the areas where you get the standing water?
No, it was pretty much 60% of the whole front yard, what I had renovated last year. I seeded too late, and had a lot of poa that outcompeted a majority of the seedlings that survived. What I have now is what survived. I'm pushing it pretty hard with the N, and we've got plenty of rain in the forecast. I should be able to get complete coverage by the end of the season. It's growing pretty vigorously.
@SGrabs33 I'm using the yard butler 3X3 plugger. Works well and I am a fan of the square plugs.
It's raining here now, but thankfully, the forecast for accumulation has been dialed down to just under an inch. Although I have caught 0.10 in my new gauge since yesterday morning.
Got in mow this morning as I looks like the weather is going to cooperate so tonight I will be applying my first round of MSMA. I'm a tad nervous about how the Yukon will react. I hit the yard with AMS 3 days ago and plan on hitting it with the ENC tomorrow.

The front is filling in nicely and should only be a few more weeks hopefully.

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Hey hey! Flamingos have arrived, and so have the stripes! Looking great!
I applied the MSMA on Sunday evening and already getting a response on the crab grass and the goose grass. I went with an application rate of 20cc per 1000 per @Tellycoleman That seems to be a sweet spot and the impact to the Yukon is minimal. I have a few spots that are yellow but that's probably the dog, which is bad for the grass but good for my inside carpets. Here are some pics of what's going down. The growth on the crab grass has slowed and is more in line with the Bermuda now.

Today I have the yard a mow and applied some Tournament Ready with Humic Acid and then followed up with an low rate application of ENC.

The front yard is slowing getting filled in. The plug harvest areas are almost filled in. The new plugs have excellent stolon growth. The ammonium sulfate has provided great results so far. Here are two pics. The first is from May 2nd and the second is from today. Just over a month.

Next up is the side yard. This area had just a bit of Bermuda last year and most it also died. This was my test area to see how long it would take the Bermuda to take it over. Right now I'm deciding if I am going to plug it from the front yard or maybe get some more Yukon seed. The seed option is reliant on how many bare areas there are when the crab grass finally goes away and if I need to reseed some areas. This is a fairly small area since I plan on making a stepping stone walkway to the back and have some small shrubs and flowers along the side of the house. Oh and plenty of mulch. The tire tracks are from my neighbors lawn company that continues to use my yard as access to his because it's more convenient. Working on a solution for that.

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The yukon is looking awesome!!!!
After day 4 (from my experience) post application of MSMA the grass will get as yellow as its going to get if it gets yellow at all. 2nd application is usually needed for goose grass after 15 days.
It has been 7 days since the first MSMA application and the goose grass is really yellow now and the crab grass is substantially weakened. I am seeing signs on Yukon coming through the thicker crab grass areas so that is a good sign. Hit the hard with some of Ninja Blend fert today. It's a mix of fast release and some slow release. It's a 24-0-8.

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:thumbup: That is a big improvement for 1 month.
Fistertondeluxe said:
So over the course of the week and mainly today I have plugged right at 200. I used about 6 total bags of sand to bring the ground up to the same level as the concrete.
Awesome work right there.
Sbcgenii said:
Fistertondeluxe said:
So over the course of the week and mainly today I have plugged right at 200. I used about 6 total bags of sand to bring the ground up to the same level as the concrete.
Awesome work right there. :patonback:
I sprayed T Nex this morning and added some more sand along the walkway and driveway that washed out a couple weeks back. I'm done plugging in the front. Going to order some more seed today for my side yard and the back in case I need some more.
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