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First time renovating lawn

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Hi everyone,
I'm located just a little north of Atlanta and bought a house recently with a lawn that is a mess. It's probably 75% Crabgrass, 5% Zoysia, 10% some type of fescue, and 10% who knows what. I'm planning on killing it all soon and attempting to start a TTTF lawn, and would like a little guidance/help/suggestions.

My overall plan is:
Glyphosate where needed
Peat moss
Starter fert/tenacity
Water water water

My soil is typical for the area with a lot of clay. It seems very compact since I'm not able to get a screwdriver very far down, maybe an inch or so. Is there anything I should do before seeding to help with this, or will it not be much of an issue?

I'm planning on using Super Turf 1 LS from unitedseedonline because it seems to be quality seed at a good price. Any issues or recommendations here?

Anything else I'm missing/should do?
Thanks for the help,
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I noticed a huge difference in using peat moss vs not using it during my recent overseed. I'm a big believer.
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