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First Season- New Bermuda Lawn

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Hi all!! I'm new to the forum. I have been reading for a while but this is my first post (love the information and experience on the forum). So I will be having TIFTUF Bermuda installed soon. So, in anticipation, I am already planning for the season. The company installing the sod has a great reputation and they will do everything. All I will need to do is water after installation, then the normal maintenance, which is where my questions come in...

1) How soon do you recommend mowing, and with what type of mower? From what I have read the first few mowing's should be with a push mower. What about a manual reel mower (Mascot)?

2) I plan to get a tru-cut C27. How soon should I start mowing with this without causing damage?

3) Should I follow the monthly feeding schedule (and the Bermuda Bible in general) the first season. or hold off until next season?

4) What HOC should I maintain throughout this first season?

Thanks for any feedback!!!
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Thanks for the quick response! Very much appreciated. I'm sure I'll have more detailed questions as I move along. Thanks again.
I'm open to any type of reel mower. From the research I've done I came to tru cut being the best option. I like the toro idea but I'm concerned with the limited range for HOC. Does Prairie add larger rollers to increase the HOC?
So with new bermuda sod (first season) is it reasonable to mow and keep the HOC at 1"? Will the ground be level enough for this HOC to look good? If so, I think the GM1600 is the best option. Thoughts?
sorry if this is a duplicate post. It looks like my last didn't post..??

Are there others similar to the GM1600 I should be looking for- like John Deere?? if so, what model(s)? It looks like this type of mower is the way to go. Thanks again to all for the feedback!
sounds like the GM1600 is what I will get. Who's the contact at Prairie you guys have dealt with?
So I've been researching the GM1600. Do you guys use the tires for moving the mower across concrete? To mow my entire yard I need to cross concrete three times. If I have to put the tires on and remove each time....uhggg....
Hi all! Big day!!! So the new sod went down today....Looks great but it is still dormant... So what do you all recommend as far as watering schedule/requirements for dormant bermuda? I can water daily but didn't want to over water if it is not actively growing/rooting. I will talk to the installer also to get his recommendation, but wanted to hear from others as well. Thanks!
1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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