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FF11's warm season journal

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Hi all,
Looking to get started improving my lawn as soon as I can. In the front I have el toro zoysia and centipede competing it out. Ideally I would like to have all zoysia.
In the back I have some zoysia and more fescue. I prefer the look and feel of the zoysia however it is pretty slow growing. I also have found some grassy weeds that look like sedges. Not sure though. Any critique or help is welcome šŸ˜Š

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First and foremost you need to commit to a grass variety that will suit you and your needs. Your biggest issue at the moment is that you have different types mixed in. In all honesty, especially with limited experience.... your best bet is gonna be to scrap it and start fresh. There are herbicides that can weaken one type and vice versa, but it complicates the strategy and even adds more work to get where you wanna be not to mention the time factor. From your limited description and my experience with many varieties, I would recommend you focus on zoysia. There are quite a few zoysia varieties and each are specific as to what conditions they will tolerate and how much management they require. I will say that of the many varieties Palisades and Jamur are terrific all around performers and pretty easy to manage without requiring a lot of input. That in itself is the beauty of these newer zoysia varieties is that they make a great lawn stand out with normal inputs. None of the other grass types really offer that with the exception being some new centipede varieties and they still lack a little of the curb appeal the zoysia's offer.
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