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Fert Calculator - Mixing/Tracking/Spoon Feeding

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I was trying to measure the right amount of fert to use and realized it was a bear to remember what I had put out and what I wanted to put out in the future. So, I created a spreadsheet to calculate and track all my fert.

ONLY edit the YELLOW cells. This doc can be adapted to any grass type and growing season. Currently, TTTF in transition zone.

This does look daunting, but it is great way to track for spoon feeding fert.
The workbook has two sheets, one for fert, and one for keeping a record.

The TTTF sheet:

B6,B7,B8: put in your recommended lbs of NPK so you have a reference and can compare to the numbers above (C2, C3, etc)

Columns A-G are for reference and to have a quick view of how many lbs of NPK are being put out each month. Plan: is how much you planned (auto calculated), and Act: is the actual amount you put out (you type this in, so put the same number or 0 if you skipped it).

Starting at Column i, is where each fert type and quantity is calculated. ONLY edit the YELLOW highlighted cells. Cell I6 yellow cells are the brand or type of fert. I put 4 available slots so you can mix 4 types of fertilizer. Columns J-L, is the analysis of the NPK and the cell under it, J8 is the cell you put how many pounds of N you want of the fertilizer. You do this for 4 types of fertilizer and it populates the whole sheet except the pounds of N you want for each product per fertilizer session. L9 is the lbs of fert per 1M and L10 and L11 are the breakdown of lbs and oz so there isn't a decimal to measure. The blue and purple cells next to it are for your yard size.

So, basically, you enter how many lbs of N you want, put in the brand and analysis, and it calculates the rest.

For the Potash (MOP or SOP), since there is no N, you enter it as a ratio of N to K. so, it is default 2 to 1. If you don't want potash, put 2 to 0 or any number to 0.

Next, change the text for the yard size, cells N3 and N4. You can rename it and change the size.

Last, scroll to the top right and put the $ and weight of the fert you bought to see how much it will cost you to fert with your plan.

The Log sheet:
Track your applications. Put an X for F (Front) or B(Back) or change it to suit you.

Let me know if there are problems with it and I welcome all feedback! This is v1. With your help, I can make improvements for newer versions.
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