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FAS on Dew or wet grass

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So I learned from the PGR thread that it's fine to spray PGR on grass early morning with dew on it.

I also have learned from the FAS thread that it is recommended to spray FAS on a dry leaf blade but I'm curious if the golf course experts can weigh in and if they apply FAS or similiar products to a wet or dew soaked blade.

Yes........I just did this so I'm waiting to see the results for myself but I figured that I would ask if it's been done and what effects you guys have seen.

I applied @ 4 oz/K to dew soaked grass.
My reasoning : 1. Marking dye is a PITA to work with. 2. Temperature is in the low 80's today and we are expecting afternoon thundershowers that will water it in. 3. What's the worse that can happen ? Wasted chemicals or little effect. Thanks!!
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booneatl said:
Good to know......Thank you!
+1. I'm going to be out there spraying something early in the AM too. :thumbup:
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