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Hey everyone!

Two weeks ago I did a fall restoration with aerating, power raking, overseeding, 12 yards of topsoil in two areas, and topdressing. This link ( is the thread about what I did two weeks ago along with before pictures. And below are some after pics!

Main section of front lawn

Side yard

Another shot of the main area of the front yard

This is a newly seeded area - seed raked into high quality topsoil with peat topdress. Two weeks of growth - didn't mow over it today

This is another newly seeded area - a little patchy but coming in

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phil said:
Hey @wardconnor! just happened to see your youtube vid leveling your front yard with sand - nice!
Thanks Phil
That was my favorite video to make. Sand leveling is ultra addictive because of the result it gives.

Your pictures are looking good. With time your lawn will be thick and lush.
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