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Fall Fertilizer

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Planning to apply my Fall Fertilizer here shortly and I was curious on what you use to prepare your yard for winter?

For some reason, all the big box stores have limited supply on what I could use. I've read that a starter fert would be OK, but to me more nutrients would be better for the lawn in the weird winters that we have in central Texas.

I intend on a application of milo, but I have some Lesco 15-5-9, and access to Scott's Fall Turfbuilder which gives me a ratio of 32-0-10. Additionally, I have a place near me that offers a EarthGro 18-6-12 product for winter applications.

Any opinions on what to use? Also, for those who are in Texas, when is your last application for Fall?

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Thank you for both of the inputs. I'll go and pick up some potassium sulfate and apply accordingly!
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