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Extreme clayey soil

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I have recently been a first time owner of a house which has about 6000 sq ft of Bermuda lawn. This house was built about 3 years back and the Bermuda lawn was set by the builder using sod.
The problem I have is the soil is extremely clayey. Even now after 3 years I can pull the grass out and it come to my hand easily. Lawn would be green during the growing season but it is not dense.

This year I did a core lawn aeration and even after a month the holes are intact, not sure if they will ever fill.
I do plan to do a sand leveling in the summer when the grass growth is more and can emerge out of the sand.

Yesterday I applied pre-emergent and irrigated the lawn and it seems all the water would not go it to the soil. I am not sure if pre-emergent would be able to get into the soil and be able to get the barrier needed to stop the weeds.
I scalped my lawn a week ago more weeds are cropping up now.

Any suggestion are welcome on how to make the pre-emergent more effectively absorbed by the soil.
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So long as the pre-em can reach the soil to bind to it, it should work. It doesn't penetrate very far into the ground because it binds to the surface layers. Your biggest issue would be washing it off before it reaches the soil.
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