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Killed off my old common Bermuda lawn with 3 glyphosate applications. Then used a sod cutter to remove 2.5 inches of old sod and dirt, in some areas the yard was 6 inches higher than the concrete so i had to do multiple passes. Lawn is about 1000 sq ft total. Plugged with about 120ft of tifsport. So far everything has rooted and shown some minor spreading, the issue I'm seeing is lots of nutsedge popping up and a little bit of common Bermuda. Just want to be sure I can use sedgehammer to kill them without hindering my plugs from spreading, also would spot treating every piece of common that pops up with glyphosate be reccomended?

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Your not cutting the Stolons when you trim are you?
What are you using to fill the holes from the pro plugger?
rhollow1 said:
Thanks. I have some urea 46-0-0, but I have bad luck hand spreading it. I just end up burning the spot. I have been mowing the plugs at 1in to help them spread faster. The rest of my yard is cut down to 7/8.
That's because of your fertilizer choice. There is no way you should be using 46-0-0 if your lawn is just over 1000 square feet. Two handfuls of fert could be the 1 pound monthly limit for the entire yard.
Get a 16-xx-xx or go even lower.
1 - 2 of 125 Posts
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