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Electric reel mowers

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what is your opinion on electric/battery-powered (reel) mowers in US? Does anybody use them? Do you prefer good old engine powered mower or would you rather try more quiet electric/battery-powered mower?
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Just to let you know...we invented brand new battery-powered reel mower - Electra. The basic information can be found at: one of my friends said Its Super Badass!!! :)

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Ware said:
Is it based on your 45cm cutting unit?
Hi, yes. Its compatible with our gas powered mower - Edwin. The same two sizes. 18in and 22in. Even replaceable cartridges are similar (you can-with small modification (=changing belt pulley) - switch reel/scarifier/verticutter/rotary brush between Electra and Edwin).
Ware said:
M311att said:
Is it quiet enough to cut early morning?
Reminds me of this classic...

:D :D :D ... yes. Its quiet enough. You hear only the rotating reel.. so the only thing that can deter you from mowing grass is bad weather (and not angry neighbour)
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TulsaFan said:
Any idea yet on the MSRP?
The price has not been specified yet. But could start about 2.500USD. Depends on the battery pack. There are 3 possibilities.
Battery sufficient to mow 700, 1300 or 1800yd2. So the price will depend on the used battery and size of the mower...
Your neighbours will love you!! :D
If you would be interested in endurance with our is the article:
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