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Effectiveness of tank mix herbicides and N source

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Anyone have experience spraying tank mixtures of herbicides along with a nitrogen source?

I've seen labels for products like Monument, Princep 4L, Celsius, and others, note that liquid fertilizer can be used as a partial or full replacement for water. Depending on the label, there are assertions about both increased effectiveness of the herbicide and also increased damage to non-target plants, which sounds similar to me to the impact of using an MSO.

Anyone have experience, one way or the other, on whether to include a nitrogen source into the spray to increase effectiveness, and if so, is it any better, worse, or the same as using an MSO?
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Movingshrub said:
Guess that's a no

@thegrassfactor I saw your slow release and urea videos. You mentioned you would do a video on ammonical nitrogen. Any chance you will touch on the pros/cons of adding fertilizer to a tank spray, specifically in regards to herbicides?

I intend to ask the same question for UTs poa day in advance since I won't be able to watch the live stream.
Nitrogen is a great tank additive to increase herbicide efficacy. It cuts down surface tension, and will speed up translocation. Use urea for sulfonyl ureas and AMS for all other herbicides.

I'd even argue N increases efficacy of Fungicides as well
ABC123 said:
I've heard about people adding citrus acid and urea to the tanks. There's a great foliar applicator on LawnSite that runs a business in Hawaii that I think would be great if he found this site.
Rey is one if my biggest inspirations. When I got out of school, I realized how little I knew. I am likely his biggest fan. And I'll fight you for that title 😂😂😂
Movingshrub said:
@Greendoc why the monument or sedgehammer? What rates would you have to apply if using those, and does doing so get you down to a quicker kill in terms of timeline? I had assumed four apps of glyphosate, with optional fusillade, would do the job.

The fusillade and triclopyr I get.
It's the combination of modes of action. For instance, if you're doing a complete kill on Bermuda with bits of nutsedge, the monument plus gly will give you a very thorough kill. The gly plus fusilade will give you a thorough kill. Gly alone will only ding them both. More modes of action, more attack methods on the plant, a more complete death.
I just fan boy'ed over @Greendoc and then he shows up 😂😂😂 little embarrassing...
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