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We bought a house and the lawn seems to have a nice start. I'm not sure if the old owners used a lawn service but almost everybody else in the neighborhood seems to be.

I'm learning North Alabama and Bermuda can be fun. 60 in the day, 37 at night. Then 75 in the day and 56 at night. Grass looks brown but there seems to be grass trying to come up in spots. I realize I'm starting late but if I don't do something the weeds are gonna take over. Probably do (maybe) final cut next week.

All this brings a lot questions for me to research. And believe me, there are as many opinions on how DIY lawncare should be done as there are football opinions in this state. Whew!

So, lets get this journal started:

10/20/2022 - Started the program

10/23/2022 - Applied Speed Zone
1.75 ozs in 1.25 gallons water and spot sprayed weeds
Sunny day 75 degrees and 67 degree soil temp
Trying to get rid of some crab grass and what looks like some sort of sedge in the front. Backyard has some leafy weird stuff I'll have to look up.

10/24/2022 - Applied Quinclorac
1 oz Quinclorac & 1 oz OII-YS to 1 gallon water and spot sprayed weeds. Might take care of the crabgrass
Sunny and clear day 75 degrees and 68 degree soil temp

10/27/2022 - Nothing is dying but it's only been 3-4 days. Patience, I need patience! (and knowledge)

10/28/2022 - Sent off two soil samples, front and back. Probably should have done this before I started spraying things. ;-)

10/29/2022 - Applied Spectricide +Crabgrass killer
Rained to night but Spectricide has been down about 6 hours.
Cloudy day 70 degrees and 66 soil temp

10/30/2022 - Patience I need Patience. Looking at my inventory:

26-0-0 GreeneCharge
18 lb bag of 7-0-20 Stress Blend lawn fertilizer

Prodiamine 65 WDG
Primesource Quinclorac
Celcius WG

Now we wait.

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Have you done your fall app of Prodiamine?
Have you done your fall app of Prodiamine?
No not yet. I just got the house about a month ago. Would it be ok to put that down now? My understanding (just learning) is soil temp needs to be below 55 for 2 days. But I could be wrong. Just read that somewhere.

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As per the soil test. The back yard ph is 5.44. So I put down 120lbs of lime today anticipating a 1/2" rain tonight. This probably isn't much but I think this will just be the first round to get it closer to 6.5.

Temp - 65
Soil Temp - 52
Approx 5000 sqft
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