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Well, I'm going to log everything here.

My primary goals are to:
  • CREATE a drainage solution to route water around the house to the back of the property
  • RESTORE the health of the lawn
  • REDUCE my irrigation usage
  • TRANSFORM the lumpy clumps underfoot to an even, smooth surface

It's going to be a multi-year learning process and transformation, but I'm pretty excited about it all. These are my priorities and long term plans:

Summer 2018
  1. Finalize Master Landscaping Plan with architect
  2. Get drainage solution designed (by structural engineer) and installed (TBD, DIY?)
  3. Re-design irrigation layout and upgrade (most) parts
  4. Upgrade irrigation controller (done, Rachio Gen 3)
  5. Start lawn treatment service (done, TruGreen started 6/15/2018)
  6. Re-mulch existing mulch zones (done, 8 yards of medium deco bark)
  7. Acquire equipment for landscaping installation and mowing/trimming
  8. Install boulders
  9. Trench routes for gas fire pits, landscape lighting, new irrigation zones etc...
  10. Install new mulch zones: kill the grass, fill with mulch

Fall 2018
  1. Stop lawn mowing service - switch to DIY
  2. Stop lawn treatment service - switch to DIY
  3. Aerate and overseed
  4. Fill with sand and top dressing (should this be before or after the aerate and overseeding?)
  5. Build small garden and herb area
  6. Create plan and schedule for next spring (lawn and garden)

Spring 2019
  1. Start pre-emergent, fertilizing, (other prep/treatments) and irrigation on time
  2. Mow 3", down to 2"

  1. Mow 2", down to 1"

Fall 2019
  1. prepare for putting green summer 2020 :D
  2. switch out mowing equipment to walk behind reel mowers, sell the lawn tractor

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@DTC Looks like a good plan. And you're right about the multi year learning process and transformation. It definitely takes time (and money)to do it right.
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