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'Morning all - happy Lawn day to everyone!

Any current model DR Power Wagon owners here?

I did a search and came up with nuthin and I post in the hopes maybe one (or some) of you have been through this and know and answer:

Is the drive belt on the current DR Power Wagons (Model "PRW" 675 LN TDBAOA3 - Pro Select with 6.75 B&S engine) something I can pick up locally (I.e. Rural King, farm supply or auto parts store, etc) or is it something Rural King proprietary specific?

I ask as I need one like, right now, THIS MORNING, I can't wait for DR cust svc to open Monday AND my situation today doesn't allow me to run to the store if my search ain't gonna pan out (if I can't get the belt replaced I have a "plan B" I can fall back on but, it will risk me messing my back up pretty bad!)

As far as I can tell, the parts schematic p. 35 here: ) shows Feference # 148 / Part # 108971 (leave the "1" off the end when ordering) to be, "Belt, A82, 1/2" x 84"

The A82's I am familiar with are V-belts but, I have run into replacing some parts on some DR (and other mfr) products where they have a parts or hardware manufacturer who makes those parts in bulk change one little thing for their application that can make it frustrating finding a replacement, "off the shelf"

Example: I am sure I will have the same question when it comes time to replace the battery! :lol:

Thanks in advance for any familiar with the DR Pwr Wgn and, "Y'all Stay in the Shade, later, hear?! :D
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