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Do I NEED another Pre-Emergent?

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I sprayed Tenacity at 2 oz. per acre on 4/9, and did a follow up spot treatment on poa on 4/29. This is the only pre-e I have applied this year.

Should I order and apply a granular dithopyr? I do not see ANY crabgrass in the lawn, and have essentially zero bare spots where it can pop up. I don't mind hand pulling the little green suckers if they do show up here and there.

Am I taking too much of a gamble by not applying? :fight: I plan to aggressively dethatch and overseed in the fall so don't really want residual any past 3 months from now.
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Kalous86 said:
Are you just dethatching or aerating as well, because I would say with both those would be enough to disturb any chemical barrier in the ground and would probably not affect any overseeding done in the fall, but at the moment if you're not seeing any signs of weeds or crabgrass I'd say your previous application of pre-m was enough and did its job
That was kind of my thought... am I at the point where if I had crabgrass it would have already germinated and be visible? The bare areas down the block are covered with little crabgrasses now.
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