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Decided it was time to build one of these for my Craftsman 42" riding mower, I'll try to keep pics updated as I build this thing as well as my supplies and cost list!

Roller assembly
1 - 4" Dia. x 6' Schedule 40 PVC pipe
2 - 4" Dia. PVC end caps
8 - 2" bolts with nylon washers and nylon nuts
2 - 4 bolt flange bearings

Drill your 4 holes on each end cap and attach the flange bearings to the end caps

Cut your PVC pipe to the width of your deck, mine was 42" but I removed another 1" for the thickness of the end cap material.

next up will be making the bracing from some angle iron that I be continued!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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