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Was looking at glyphosate and see different versions all containing different percentages of the active ingredient.

For example.
41% - the most common.

The only difference I can tell is that the 70%+ versions are dry and the others are liquid. But only comparing the liquid to each other and dry granular is the only real difference in marketing and "higher is better"? Why is there differences? Is it for a purpose?

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The biggest differences between Glyphosate formulations are in the surfactants and additives that come with the active ingredient. Other difference is the base the AI is attached to in making the salt. Some are the Ammonium salt, Isopropylamine salt, Potassium Salt and some others I have not seen before. Dry Glyphosate may come with Ammonium Sulfate making up the Inert ingredients. That is a good thing. Ammonium Sulfate with Glyphosate serves to tie up Calcium in the water. Calcium forms a compound that plants will not absorb well.

Here's what I do. I spend the money on RoundUp Pro Max and I add some Ammonium Sulfate. Why? There is a good surfactant system in it. No need to add any. For most vegetation, 2 oz per gallon kills it. I have used other off patent products that did not work the same at equivalent usage rates. I also had to add my own surfactants. That is extra time and money for me. Not to mention treatment failures being especially costly to me.
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