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DFWdude's lawn journal

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We moved into our current house 27 SEPT 2019. Here is a picture of the lawn we inherited.

When spring 2020 hit, there were more weeds than grass. I hadnt found this site yet, so I hit it with all sorts of chemicals. Some worked, some didnt. My wife and I ended up spending time each night ripping weeds out by hand. When we each filled a 5gal bucket, we'd stop for the day. Shockingly, that process went on for a looooong time.

I spot leveled an area, fired my landscaper in April and took over the upkeep, and fertilized as best I could.

Here are some pictures from 03 JUL 2020

I found this site when I ran into irrigation issues around AUG, and I'm so glad to have this resource!

Here is a picture from last week, as things are declining into fall.

The lawn still has a nasty thatch issue, and feels like you're walking on a wet sponge. Come spring time, I will scalp, dethatch, level and start reel mowing. Will definitely post updates as actions take place. Just wanted to get the thread primed for action!
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Grapevine. Trying to do St Aug here in direct sunlight and fighting bermudagrass encroachment. Lots of destruction/rebuild going on over here. I need to send some updated pics on my journal.
@DFWdude , love your mower scientific analysis! As for robotic mowers, I don't think I'll be using one unless I switch over to Bermuda from St Aug. Given how hot our DFW summers can be and my open sun front lawn I may be doing this switch as early as next season.
It's bermuda so it will repair itself by tomorrow morning. :lol:

St Aug here in DFW...probably the whole season to repair! :|
1 - 10 of 390 Posts