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Dethatch St Augustine?

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I've read mixed articles on dethatching St Aug, some say yes, some say it's a no-no. I even read an article where the guy said you could destroy your whole lawn if you do. Any professional thoughts or has anyone experienced dethatching St Aug?
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Topcat said:
I've heard the same - "never dethatch St Aug, as it will destroy it". I am not a professional, but I detached my Back Yard St Aug last year, and it was a VERY aggressive dethatch. I had so much thatch and dead/brown grass under the canopy, I thought the worst that could happen is I'd have to replace it... and I have to confess that a little part of me wanted to see it damaged enough to replace it all with Bermuda sod. However as the pics I took around July timeframe showed, it recovered very nicely.

BTW, your results could vary - so if you decide to dethatch based on my results - beware.... they say you can destroy a SA lawn by detaching it... :lol:
What time of year did you do it? I'm in the same boat with my St Augustine, the thatch is very thick and I'm starting to have looping problems.
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