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Depth of cable line

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2 issues

1. My neighbors cable line runs the length of my front yard, it was hand buried to 0-4" depth. Some places it is literally on the surface.

2. My own cable cuts right into and through my mulch bed. While cutting my beds, I sliced my cable line buried a cool 2" down. Like what? Am i supposed to call usic (call before you dig) to plant flowers in my beds or to edge my beds? This is nuts.
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Mine is 3-4", and was cut accidently during sprinkler installation as a result. It's supposed to be 8" or more.
My neighbor's phone line is buried one shovel width below the surface (around 8") because when it was being replaced, I told the electrical contractors I couldn't deal with anymore digging up of my lawn (I had just finished fixing it after they dug down 4 feet to lay electrical conduit). So, they obliged and hand-dug it in, but didn't go real deep. Also, parts of my sprinkler tubing are only 3.5" deep because I couldn't tell the contractor for sure how deep the gutter pipes were buried, so in one section, he went very shallow (the rest is 8" deep). I can't ever aerate that area...unless I can come up with a way to put the pipe deeper.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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