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Are there any industry standard definitions for turf equipment? I have always been confused with what the following terms actually describe: Scarifier, verti cutter, verti slicer, de-thatcher, vertical mower, groomer, and seeder. Names are often used interchangeably and the same machine often has a different name in Europe from what it might be called in the States. Seeder reels often look identical to what another company calls a verti cutter or scarifier. In addition (for lack of a better term) the reels can vary between fixed blades, to flail blades to spring tines, to knife blades (I've seen machines with very sharp edged disk-like blades), but the name is often the same as a machine with a completely different tine/blade type. Are the machines better classified dependent on what they are intended to do rather than by what they are named? If so, is there a source with the description of those classifications?
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J_nick said:
My Blue Bird Power Rake is also called a Lawn Comb
There's a French made version called the 'Lancome Paris'
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