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Define warm and cool climate

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I have lived in Burlington WA for most of my life. I was pretty good at keeping a beautiful lush green lawn but I basically followed a fertilizer protocol given to me by the local Wilbur Ellis office and watered the s%$t out of it.

I have now moved to North Central Wa were the soil is much more sandy, it gets way hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, and there doesn't seem to be anyone around me that takes their grass seriously.

So I join this group as a relative rookie and want to become an expert. I posted this in warm season because I suspect that is where I am. First question is how do I define whether I am in a warm climate or a cool climate from a lawn perspective? How do I decide what type of grass I should plant? How do assess my soil type and what I should do to prepare it for planting? What other questions should I be asking?
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Well, I am on the west side of the state like where you used to live. I would venture to say we are cool season all the way around. Granted it gets pretty hot in the central and eastern portion of the state in the spring and summer, but very low humidity. So I would say cool season would be the best route. But I am fairly new as well. My suggestion would be to contact your local Golf and CC and see if you could talk with their Superintendent. I try and follow what the golf courses do in my area. They are the Pros! Hope this helps
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