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Dealing with continuous rain for days in a row?

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I mowed Saturday. I have been mowing every 3 days. It has not really stopped sprinkling/raining for 3 days and it's expected to rain for the next 2-3 days. Ground is super soggy and wet currently.

How big of problem will this be? I would have mowed early but it hasn't stopped raining. How much of a risk do I have for the bermuda to start growing brown "legs" where I would have to rescalp?
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@raldridge2315 Yeah, but wouldn't you need to scalp below the old brown crowns if they started to brown in you? When does that normally take place?
@Redtenchu Thanks. I was going to try mowing yesterday if it cleared up any but it sprinkled all day long. I think it finally stopped raining at 7-8PM and by then was too late to mow.

Good to know that there shouldn't be any issues mowing in the rain though.

@Spammage thanks. Yeah i plan on trying to cut if i can earlier then than that.

I have some lighter colored places where the grass hasn't really thickened up yet from my original scalp. The biggest pain is the bagging of the clippings when it gets out of hand and having to rescalp. This whole year has been messy and annoying for doing anything in my yard this year it seems from leveling to excessive rain etc.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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