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Dead patches in lawn

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My front lawn has some dead patches that I have not been able to fix for several years. I have tried the following:
1. Discussed this with some local lawn care companies that usually send out a high school guy that knows nothing but tries to get me to sign up for their $2,500 fertilizer plan.
2. I have seeded; watered and fertilized the problem areas repeatedly (at considerable cost) and sometimes grass will grow for a while and then it dies out.
3. Last year I spread a few inches of organic soil (half manure/half enriched garden soil) over the area; then I seeded, watered and fertilized the area which again did not help.
This year, I noticed a lot of 3/8 inch holes in the ground in the affected area and I am wondering if I have an insect problem. This is a pic . Any help is appreciated. I live in Maryland
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Dig and see what is down there
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Agree with digging. You might have some concrete or rocks under that spot.
I dug around in the problem area and did not see any large rocks or concrete. It is currently late April so it's possible that a problem insect might be dormant now. I did see white grub worms when I dug around the holes. Here is a pic of one of the worms I found:
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Holes might be digger bees, but it's hard to tell without more information. See:

Better put something out for those grubs, though.
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