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Dead grass?

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Hi, my lawn is Bahia Pensacola and I live in Tampa, Florida. I recently bought a house and the lawn was made by sodding. It is patchy- is thr light brown/ Grey grass dead (see picture)]as when I rake it, it comes out with no resistance. If so, should I take it and remove it all so New grass can grow in its place, or should I just leave it??? Also, what is the best way to overseed, should I just lay down seed or should I get the side to germinate off the lawn first and then lay?
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@rjdiprose yes, its dead. Also sometimes referred to as thatch. If there is a lot of it you want to try and dethatch so oxygen and nutrients can get to the soil better/easier. You can do this with a dethatching rake. To much thatch and it will suffocate the good grass.

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There will be bare spots when you dethatch (process of removing the thatch). I'm not completely familiar with bahai as a grass type but anything competing for resources or restricting access to nutrients with your grass is typically recommended to deal with and avoid.

If you are questioning your soil I would recommend getting a soil sample test done so you know where you are at and can amend the soil as you need.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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