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DACoyne's Lawn Journal - godspeed old lawn

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First off, hello everyone and thank you @Ware for creating this fantastic resource! I have been reading this forum daily for about 3 months and joined a month ago to procure some advice from @wardconnor .. He asked that I keep him in the loop with my progress so here goes, and for anyone else that would like to follow along.

I will begin with a little about me and the as of today lawn situation. My wife and I bought our first house in late February after looking for two years. The house we bought is great but while looking we got pregnant with our first child. So the mad dash was on to close on the house, move and get settled in before the baby came a month after our move in date. So you could say we had a lot going on on top of transferring jobs out to our new location. Oh and don't let me leave out we got a Newfoundland puppy in November. So yeah, my plate was and still is full. We moved in on March 7th. The previous owners payed a service similar to TruGreen to manage the lawn. In March it was rough looking, lots of bare spots of just dirt but no weeds. The puppy took to the yard and killed most of what was green with her urea potent wee. That's a work in progress. You can seen in some of the backyard pics where I just seeded dog pee spots, they are sprouting currently. When spring came I got it to fill in a lot with the usual pre-m, Milorganite, fert, Humic, ect.

The previous owners tore down about 6 huge pine trees on the property and reseeded after they were out. The part of the property that had no trees they did not reseed so now the front half of the lot has a different grass type than the back. Honestly I don't know what is out front, it looks like Bermuda with stolens galore but based on where I am I know its probably not Bermuda. The back I think is Fescue but again, who knows. None of that really matters

So here's the plan, everyone heres favorite..............LAWN RENO! Out in the shed is a Toro Greensmaster 1000. My goal is a .75 HOC for the lawn. I have posted some pictures below of what I have as of today. My kill date is 7/1....... as in tomorrow. Here is the plan

July 1st
Pull up Bluestone (you can see them in between the curb and the sidewalk on both sides of the property)
Water during the week

July 7th

July 14th

Week of July 21st
Scalp with rotary mower
Power Rake
Put down topdress
Dragmat Level
Level some more and level again

July 28th
Humic acid
starter fert
seed moist
seed KBG

I have all of the things listed above on hand already. If I have any questions for the forum it would be am I missing anything? I do not currently have irrigation. I tried to get it put in but everyone in my area is too busy to even give me a quote. I sent measurements off to the Rain Bird design service. If they get back to me soon enough I might put it in myself but if that doesn't happen I will do a @ryanknorr style stake sprinkler system on a timer for germination.

Oh, before i forget to mention it. I am only killing off the front and side yard which is 1100sq/ft. The back 2100sq/ft will happen in the spring once the dog is a little older and not as hard on the lawn. She is growing like a weed, just turned 10 months and shes about 92lbs, half of that might be fur. I included a cool pic of a treat jar I put out for the neighborhood kids. The benefit is two fold, all the kids in town walk to school so they get a kick out of giving her treats and the pup gets socialized with strangers. Win win, I recommend it!

Thanks for reading :D

Shout out to @Pete1313 , loved all 29 pages of your journal!

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Looking forward to see how things progress. Hoping you're surviving this heatwave were going though right now!
ChadStokes said:
What part of southern PA? I'm in Lebanon just outside the city.
Hey neighbor, not op but South Lebanon Township here.
Did you end up seeding yet or are you going to wait for things to cool off a bit?
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