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Cutting Height vs Scalping Height

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First year with a reel mower, so first year going low. Just finished scalping my backyard at 11/16" with the McLane. I think if I scalp at the next lowest setting (5/8"), I'll start to get a lot of scalping in some places. So, question is, how high above that 11/16" do I need to maintain at? Next two heights are 7/8" and 1" on the McLane. Would love to go at 7/8" to start with, but wasn't sure if that was enough difference between my scalping height and my cutting height.

Also, probably more for @Spammage. What is the optimal height for maintaining my emerald zoysia in my front yard? It's relatively shady, so it's a pretty slow grower. 1"? 1-1/8"? It's starting to show signs of greening here in North Alabama.

Looking forward to getting some pictures up as things start to green around here.
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I would try to scalp down to 5/8" as that will give you some more space as the season progresses with the bermuda. After scalping at that height just raise it back to 11/16" and you'll be set.
mrigney said:
Any tips for dethatching? Looks like about $50 to rent one for the day around here. Sounds like a good project for next weekend😊
Make sure you have A LOT of trash bags :lol: You will be amazed at what comes out of the yard.
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