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Customizing the perfect grass seed mix

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Over the next three years, I'd like to reno my entire 10k sqft yard. A whole lot of it is full sun, but there are a few areas that get a decent amount of shade. Under a large maple tree and on the north side of the house.
I'd like to just be able to spread one seed mix. I'd like the lawn to be KBG where it can, but I don't care enough to where I need a monostand.
I'm using Seed Super Store's customizer. I've used their sun mix and like it a lot. But, reading a few studies has me thinking it will be dominated by PRG in a few years because it's only about 60% bluegrass in the mix.
I was going to do 80% KBG, 10% PRG, and 10% fescue.

Just wanted to hear other's thoughts and suggestions. I guess my biggest concern is that the 10% fescue isn't enough to fill in shady areas. Although, I guess I could just overseed places where KBG doesn't fill in.

Main reason I want some PRG is for the faster germination. Something to hold the soil in place quickly.

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I iust let the grass tell me where it likes to grow.
Depending on the use of the areas
N and NW side of my house gets all shade plants and ground cover. Theres not much use or traffic over there. Pachysandra is great for this.
The sun basically comes right up and over E-W ofer most of my lawn so great sun all day, sometimes to much
For those areas on the east side shaded until late in the day I have let the grass tell me where the edge or boarder will be.
The much darker shaded areas I just let the moss fill in.
I gave up trying to have “grass” under the heavy trees.
Heck even under my small Eastern red bud is a challenge once its canopy fills out.
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I don't understand why you want to only spread one seed mix? Spreading seed is literally the easiest part of a reno. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with varying amounts of shade myself - 2 failed reno attempts around maples (one in April and one in Sept). If I was doing 10k, I would get 25lb of fescue for the shade and then feather it into the sunnier areas. Then drop your KBG which with its small seeds will have a different spread pattern anyways. This is an extra 30-60 minutes of work and wiill likely save you a lot of pain.
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I don't understand why you want to only spread one seed mix?
If I can get a custom mix, why not? I guess I figure that way, I don't have to delineate where one area stops and another starts. The grass seed mix will do that for me. I'd like to have KBG anywhere it will actually thrive and I'm not sure exactly where that will happen.
I iust let the grass tell me where it likes to grow.
I was almost going to plan on mulching the area instead. But, late winter I cut off some branches to get more sun and airflow through the area and sure enough it is filling it much better than I've seen it before. Making me think that it MIGHT be possible for the whole thing to fill in.

If not, I'll deal with that in a couple of years. I'd like to give the grass a shot.
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What was recommended to me was to just sow the seed and I might be surprised by my grass doing fine in shade because it still got enough. Anything that was thinning or having troubles, just over seed with that other type and that grass would fill in over the more sun demanding grass.
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