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Cub Cadet SC 100 HW

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Anyone tried one of these mowers.
I just purchased one and it has been good so far.
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Mower has been fine for the price point. It retails for $279. Home Depot usually runs it for $249. I got Home Depot online chat to match a internet price of $199. If it was not so inexpensive I would have gotten the one with Honda engine, but it was at a good price for me.
It mulches fine, once I installed the bag correctly. Only issue I had was what most of the reviews state is they do not do a very good job of packing it during shipping. So if you order it make sure you inspect thoroughly. Mine was missing a rear hub cap but Cub Cadet sent it right out no problem.
When assembled you want to make sure you pull the handle bars out all the way to lock it down. That was the only issue I had in assembly.
Starts well every time.
I would recommend it if you do not want an expensive mower.
ken-n-nancy said:
Do you know if the mower has ball-bearing wheels on it? I've seen conflicting information in different places and don't know how to really confirm it without pulling off one of the hubcaps.
I do not think it does. I can not check for it is raining here and it is locked up in my shed.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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