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While not (yet :D ) relevant for a home lawn, I stumbled upon this Cub Cadet RG3 and thought it was pretty cool...

Cub Cadet (MTD Products, Inc.) also acquired a company called Advanced Turf Technology that builds a walk mower called Infinicut. It looks like it is geared toward sports fields and uses cassette-style attachments - similar to Allett.


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The price range below is for the base models which include: 11 blade reel, transport wheels, grass basket, and Lithium battery.

Infinicut 22" - $11,200.00
Infinicut 26" - $13,000.00
Infinicut 30" - $15,400.00
Infinicut 34" - $16,400.00


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Anyone else notice the RG3 is sporting a John Deere QA5 cutting head?

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