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Well I found this hedge trimmer as a garage sale leftover on craigslist. Story is it hasn't ran in a couple years as the fuel line broke off in the tank and the guy drained the gas and it's just been sitting since. After looking it over pretty good his story checked out so I picked it up for $12. I have been wanting to find a gas one cheap like this so it worked out. I spent $2 on a new spark plug, about $1.50 on fuel lines, and about $3 on a fuel filter. Got it all changed out and tuned the carburetor and it's running really good. So for less than $19 I have a running gas hedge trimmer so that's a good day in my book. Here's a few pics.

Wiped it down with some degreaser and it looks alright

thanks for looking
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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