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I have crab grass in my new lawn I planted 2.5 week ago can I use Tenacity? Or do I have to wait until the grass matures more. To be honest I was thinking of throwing down some of the Scotts starter fert with tenacity. I did this on another area of grass and it worked pretty good. Just not sure on how the new grass will take it.
I just ordered some Quinclorac but its not going to be here for a week or so.
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Thank you
Delmarva Keith said:
You can use Carfentrazone (Quick Silver) 7 days after emergence. Don't use any surfactant. It will just burn off the top growth of the weeds but you can manage the weeds that way until the grass is old enough to handle stronger stuff for any weeds not killed.

Cool season grass planted this late (end of May?) is a pretty big gamble. Actually almost a sure thing that it won't make it. Do the best you can with it, lots of water, but don't be disappointed if it declines and dies. Reseed late Aug / early Sept.
I know unfortunately things didnt go as planned. I have been keeping it moist plus there is the benifet that there is lot of shade in this area. It might be ok.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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